About firehill

who the hell are we?

Just a couple of guys that like to write words and music...

firehill started releasing music in August 2020 and plans to release new music every few months

firehill is a song writing duo comprised of Adam Bruce & Shawn Doll, who together have written more than 40 songs across several genres 

Shawn and Adam worked in an office together for many years before realizing that they had a mutual fondness for writing music

Shawn has been writing poetry all of his life, but began writing lyrics about 10 years ago; He and his wife Crystal live in Winterport, Maine and are kept busy with 5 kids  

Adam has enjoyed writing songs since childhood and currently lives in Hampden, Maine with his wife Jessica and three children Alexander, Joshua, and Sophia 

Listen to Shawn talk about what inspired the lyrics for The Chamber


Nick Racioppi 

jo Carpenito

Jennifer Nittolo


Mike Knowles